About us

OneTwo is here to level the property playing field

We’re the new challenger lender with a mission to help people save real time and money on their home loan.

We’re proudly Australian and we have custom built a new lending platform, meaning we’ve been able to totally reimagine and simplify our home loan product and application experience for customers.

We are currently in BETA phase piloting our brand new product and experience - sign up now.



Derek is a proud Irishman (soon to be Irish-Australian) who’s been in Australia for over 12 years. He has worked in Financial Services for nearly 20 years both in Australia and across Europe, with a focus on large scale transformation and launching new products and services to market.

The inspiration for starting OneTwo came from his own challenging experience buying his home in Melbourne a few years ago, and a drive to create a better, easier way for Australians to buy and own their homes.


CTO and Product

Ash Crick has many strings to his bow. He’s been a world champion skydiver, video producer, composer and international touring musician - but his passion for technology and solving big problems has been a constant thread, and has seen him enjoy a 25+ year career as an inspirational technologist working across Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Ash leads Technology and Product at OneTwo, driving design and development of a unique customer experience and core technology platform.



Liz is our Chief Marketing Officer and loves finding simple ways to communicate complex concepts for people. She has experience running large scale brand building and digital transformation programs across Asia-Pacific within the Financial Services and Aviation industries. She’s built and led successful teams for both corporates and start-ups.
Liz is endlessly curious and has a personal fascination with human psychology and what drives people. She has empathy for customers and is passionate about delivering clear, honest communications.


Risk (but still a fun guy)

Marcus is our cool, calm and collected Chief Risk Officer at OneTwo. Marcus has a long history of working in banking in Australia and has also led teams across South East Asia and Europe.
Marcus’ superpower is in risk automation and digital transformation and he brings his hands-on experience to OneTwo to build a unique lending platform from the ground up to ultimately help simplify the home loan application experience for our customers.

Our partners and investors are:

Lendi is a privately owned and operated Australian business offering home loans online.
1835i is the external innovation and venture capital partner of ANZ Bank.